As there are many different setups of vehicle and caravans
we hope this guide will help.

Many think that you have to have the deflector to the very rear of your vehicle; this I have found is incorrect! In our designing stage I learnt that by putting a deflector to very rear and right down on the roof of the vehicle and then extreme angle can act more as an air dam which would not give the full potential of any deflector. This was also told to me by a gentleman who has been selling caravans for over 40yrs for correct positioning you must follow the air flow and mount approximately above the rear wheels. To start hook up your caravan to your vehicle

The only tools you will need to fit the Stealth Deflector are a 4mm allen key and a 10mm spanner

First off make sure your racks are the correct distance apart, if using our channel nuts to attach directly to your bars measure the distance from the centre of the front hole to the centre of the very last hole then position the Stealth Deflector on the bars, with the channel nuts and bolts already in place just slide the channel nut from one end until the channel nut over hangs the other side then insert the channel nut sliding it into the slot then centre and tighten

If using our clamping system, place the stainless appropriate m6 bolts through the holes to suit as shown, do this for all four as shown

Insert the rear adjustment brackets as shown, then the struts as shown

As you can see below you do not have to put the Stealth Deflector hard down on the roof of your veihcle

This is a pop top with the roof fully raised is it as high as an ordinary caravan as an example

As you can see follow the airflow, the windscreen is your first wind deflector, then the roof, then the wind flows to the deflector, to set the angle of the Stealth Deflector until you see the top of the deflector looks  the same height as the caravan

If you wish to lay the Stealth Deflector in a flat position
by simply taking
out the struts and using the velcro straps to wrap around both ajustment channels

This is a short video to show hot to fasten your Stealth Deflector in the flat position using our Velcro straps, the video is an upside down view to make it easier to understand